Gel Polishes 4 for $40, Gel Bases & Top Coats 3 for $55
Gel Polishes 4 for $40, Gel Bases & Top Coats 3 for $55
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You can cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it. A full refund will be provided. After 24 hours you will receive a refund minus a $8 restocking fee. 


All sales are final unless under these circumstances:

  1. Product is returned unopened within 7 days of purchase. At this point  the product is inspected for signs of use and a refund or exchange may be given.
  2. Product is received defective ie broken container. Please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order. A refund or exchange may be given after product has been inspected.
  3. Wrong product is delivered. Please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order to notify us. To receive a refund or exchange the product must be returned unopened and unused.

We at Sunita’s Barbados are committed to producing and providing the best products and service we possibly can. Our products are handmade by our mother-daughter duo. This means your product will be made in small batches to ensure high quality and consistency.

To ensure the satisfaction our customers and protect our business, we ask that you review all of the information on all of our products for sale. We will not accept products that have been opened as it can be easily contaminated by dust and other unknown objects used to apply said product.

 Example: Jan buys a gel polish from Sunita’s Barbados, she opens the product in her salon but gets distracted and forgets the polish open. During this time she continues on with work, filing and buffing nails, maybe cutting hair, using powders which disperses into the salon atmosphere. Meanwhile the gel remains open and becomes contaminated with all of the debris floating around. Jan goes back to the gel many hours later and uses a brush that has not been cleaned before use. She will not achieve a proper product application and either decides to return the product because of the gritty texture due to it being left open or changes her mind about the product. In either case the polish is no longer new as it has been opened and it would be contaminated. ALL of our products are sold new and unopened. To ensure this, we will be enforcing our above Return/Refund policy.


Sunita’s Barbados will locally ship/deliver all products listed on this site. Orders will be processed and ready for pick up or delivery within 24 hours to 72 hours unless it is a custom set of press on nails. See below for Press on Nails processing times.

Sunita’s Barbados currently ships these products outside of Barbados:

Bespoke Press on Nails

All other products will not be available for regional nor international shipping ie gel polishes, dip powders, glitters etc.


All bespoke press on nails are final sale. Because each set is handmade to order, we ask that you read the description and choose carefully the colour, size, style and shape. If in doubt, please Check out our Bespoke Press on Nail FAQ page or feel free to send an email to ask a question.


Each set is hand made, packaged and mailed by myself, and as such we ask that you are patient with the process and be sure of the style, shape, size etc before you purchase.


You can cancel your order within 48 hours of placing it. A full refund will be provided. After 48 hours NO refunds will be allowed.


Please allow 3-14 business days processing time to have your set completed and shipped. You will be notified via email when your order is shipped.


We offer free pick up from our salon, local delivery for a fee and worldwide shipping options!


If you choose unregistered mail Sunita’s Barbados is not responsible for lost/damaged items in transit. To ensure that you receive your package and are eligible for compensation due to damage/lost please choose EMS during checkout.